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Discover the right financing plan for you.
Find out which competitive options you may qualify for.
Get answers to your business questions.
Learn how your business may benefit from financing.
Receive complimentary 1 on 1 consultations with experts.
Speak to a financing consultant who understands your equipment.

Paying Cash vs. Financing

When you pay with cash, you spend your cash reserves. Here are the top three advantages of partnering with Beacon Funding to finance your next tow truck.





Cash Flow

Cash purchases decrease how much money you have on hand.

Conserve your cash without spending on upfront costs.

Business Credit

You can’t build business credit with cash purchases.

Allows you to build your business credit.


It takes time to save enough cash for an equipment purchase.

Get equipment in your hands and in your business sooner.


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Customers Are Raving About Beacon Funding’s Tow Truck Financing

Pounds Towing tow truck

Pounds Towing

Blake Pounds

"Beacon Funding made it easy to actually get the truck I wanted regardless of how old it was. It is really about having someone there like Beacon that is dedicated to financing you a truck, so you can do better." Read More
Allan Benien from Brett's Towing

Brett's Towing & Repair

Allan Benien

“I would definitely recommend Beacon for others starting a towing business. With us being a startup company they were able to help us with financing. The process with them was flawless.” Read More
Celebrity Spokesman Lou Santiago for Lebleu's Towing

Lebleu's Towing

Celebrity Spokesman Lou Santiago

“When you can call someone like Beacon and say ‘Hey guys, can you help us out getting a new truck?’ Bam! You got a new truck. And tow trucks aren’t cheap. That’s how this outfit stays on the road.” Read More

Finance Before End of Year and Take Advantage of Potential Tax Savings

Did you know financing your tow truck may qualify for a large tax deduction? See your potential Section 179 tax savings with our FREE calculator.



Choose Beacon Funding to give you a higher chance of credit approval and more financing options.
With our strong equipment knowledge, you can receive used equipment financing that helps meet your business goals and gets you more bang for your buck.