We recognize that not all businesses are the same. Our trailer leasing and financing programs are designed to ensure you get the loan you need. Our flexible credit approval process means most companies will qualify for affordable flatbed trailer financing.


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We've been financing trailers for years - so you know we're the right folks to get your deal done. Whether you need a simple trailer loan or need to get more creative, Beacon Funding is here to make sure you get the trailer funding you need to make your business as profitable as possible. Get pre-approved for a flatbed in as soon as 24 hours.

Trailer financing programs

Our Lease-to-Own Program, similar to a capital lease, is ideal for businesses who prefer long-term ownership of their equipment. Once you’ve paid off your lease, you’ll own your flatbed trailer. It’s that simple.

The Sale-Leaseback Program allows you to unlock the equity in your business’ equipment and convert it to cold, hard cash. Sell your trailer to Beacon Funding and let us lease it back over a period of time. You get the cash from the sale to use for a variety of business needs while retaining the use of your flatbed, then you reclaim ownership at the end of the lease term. Pinch yourself; you’re not dreaming.

Our Pre-Approval Program allows you to apply for financing prior to picking an actual trailer. This lets you shop for trailers knowing exactly how much you can afford. Simply fill out our quick online application to get started. You’ll come away knowing your maximum lease amount and terms, a monthly payment estimate, whether any down payment is required, end-of-lease options, and more.

We’re so flexible that we don’t even bother with set age restrictions on used equipment. If you find a slick trailer that’s been used previously, there’s still a darn-good chance we’ll lease it regardless of age. As long as the trailer is in good condition and being sold at a fair price, Beacon Funding is here to finance it for you. If you are looking for a used flatbed trailer, we recommend starting at

A working capital loan gives you quick access to funds to keep cash flowing for your business when you need it the most. No equipment leasing or financing agreement is necessary. Working capital may be used for a variety of needs, anything from equipment soft costs to warranties and payroll insufficiencies.

Traditional lenders often disregard a young business. We think that’s crazy, because businesses under two years of operation need all the help they can get! With our deep understanding of flatbed trailers, we’re more than willing to provide financing to a start-up business looking to invest in the equipment we know and love. If you’re a new business owner, we’re your start-up lending partner. No doubt about it.

As usual, working with my consultant is very enjoyable. He is very professional.

Vern Hartman

6h Fleet Leasing

Customer couldn't say enough good remarks about working with their consultant and Beacon.

Roger Cox

Midco Sales

My consultant does a great job. We thank him and your company for all your help!

Billy Garner

American Wrecker Sales

Outstanding level of communication throughout the entire process. Our consultant keeps us up to speed on where he is with the customer and when we can expect our deals to fund. Always a pleasure working with him!

Adam Dye

Southwest Trailers & Equipment


“When you can call someone like Beacon and say ‘Hey guys, can you help us out getting a new truck?’ Bam — you got a new truck. And tow trucks aren’t cheap. That’s how this outfit stays on the road. “

- Lebleu's Towing

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Our flexible trailer financing programs are a starting point for building your custom loan. If one of our current programs doesn’t fit your needs, don’t worry. We’ll work with you to get a deal done that does.

  • Application Only Up to $150,000
  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Skip Payment Program
  • Step Payment Program
  • TRAC Lease Program


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Founded in 1990, Beacon Funding is a leading financing company providing small-ticket equipment financing services to US businesses. Over the years, we've become a premier resource for financing business equipment with flexible payment programs.

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