Infographic: How to Apply for Equipment Financing

By Becky Neems| Mar 23, 2016| 2023 Views
Infographic: How to Apply for Equipment Financing

So you finally picked out a piece of equipment. Now what? Beacon has 5 easy steps you can follow to get financing on the equipment of your dreams.  Let's see what you can do, shall we?

  • Tell Us About Yourself  – Tell us about your company and the equipment you want and we'll get you on track
  • Speak with the Experts – One of our expert consultants will get in contact with you to discuss your needs
  • Submit Docs for Approval  – Put it in writing and we'll be standing by to get your deal approved
  • Customize Your Financing Options – Build-Your-Own loan with our flexible financing options and competitive monthly payments
  • Profit!– Once your lease begins you can start using your equipment and turn the profit you deserve

How to apply? Fill out our no-cost, no commitment Equipment Financing Application to get started. See how we map out your applying journey in this infographic.

5 easy steps to equipment financing infographic

Download PDF:

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Becky Neems

Becky Neems

As a marketing coordinator, Becky collaborated with Beacon Funding industry experts to write informative content about equipment financing that helps business owners in the commercial truck and decorated apparel industries.