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By Jon Flagg| Sep 22, 2021| 5329 Views

This video was made by Jon Flagg, a Senior Financing Consultant at Beacon Funding. As a financing consultant, Jon works with business owners to help them grow their operations using equipment financing options tailored to their situation.

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In today’s fast-paced industry, businesses need to bring their ‘A’ Game if they want to keep up with changing demands.

Buying used equipment is an effective way of getting ahead by either increasing your output. Selling used equipment is equally beneficial for getting extra cash. That’s all great, but how do you gain a competitive advantage to move faster than your competitors?

A smart way of quickly leaping ahead in the used equipment market is to utilize Beacon Funding and our vast used equipment network. It helps connect buyers and sellers so they both get what they want much faster.

Tired Of Wasting Time with Online Listings And Classifieds?

Connect with thousands of businesses with Beacon Funding’s used equipment network. All it takes is a call to 847.897.2499. It’s an effortless way to match your equipment with a buyer/seller for your industry.

Get Service from Equipment Experts Who Understand Your Industry

How can Beacon Funding’s equipment financing consultants actively help you find used equipment or sell your listings? One advantage is they already work in your industry.

Because they communicate with thousands of business owners daily, financing consultants have access to a vast network of equipment buyers and sellers.

Did you know Beacon Funding actively communicates with over 1,500 businesses a day?

What does that mean for you? Whether you want to either purchase your dream equipment or find a buyer when clearing up shop space, a financing consultant can make your search easier.

Benefits of A Used Equipment Network (How to Buy or Sell Your Used Equipment Faster)

As used equipment increases in demand, your business could utilize a rich network that benefits you!

What do you get by having a financing consultant help you?

Access to thousands of commercial equipment providers. Don’t get trapped in a single financing option.

If you want to explore many sources of commercial equipment, you’re in luck! In an extensive network of commercial equipment lenders, you can easily maintain strong relationships with many of your industry’s most in-demand manufacturers, dealerships, and equipment vendors!

With so many connections, you can unearth the right equipment and financing option that works for you.

A wider reach for your digital marketing. Quickly find what you’re looking for and get your listings seen by a wider range of your target audience.

Beacon Funding’s network of equipment buyers and sellers is constantly expanding our marketing efforts with our multi-channel marketing platforms. That means you can get more views for your used equipment through multi-channel marketing channels.

Did you know, according to a recent Sprout Social survey, 72% of business executives used social media as an insight to inform their company’s business decisions?

To top our flexible financing programs, our marketing team uses smart strategies to actively spread the word to our audience of nearly 500,000 engaged potential buyers and sellers.

One-to-one interactions with businesses in your niche. Our financing consultants interact with thousands of potential equipment buyers and sellers every day.

We use our extensive network to provide a service to our customers where we can refer potential buyers to motivated sellers (and vice versa).

How Do We Match Used Equipment Buyers with Sellers?

Here are the steps to help you use Beacon Funding’s network to get started using Beacon Funding’s Used Equipment Network:

1. Contact Your Financing Consultant

Connect into the used equipment network. Reach out to one of our financing consultants and let them know about the equipment you want to buy or sell.

We’ll check our inventory before letting you know if the equipment is utilized within our industry network.

  • For buyers, we might have what you are looking for in our off-lease equipment marketplace, There, you’ll find the tools and support you need at the point of sale.
  • For sellers, depending on the equipment, we may be able to buy it directly from you.

2. Get Notified Via Emails

Let us do the hard work. We’ll utilize our internal marketplace to match you with a potential buyer or seller.

As an equipment financing leader for over 30 years, our network of vendors is widespread. We know vendors who can use their supply chain to pinpoint what you’re looking for, conveniently take your equipment on trade, and we even know a few vendors who may even sell on consignment.

  • If we find a potential buyer/seller match, you’ll get notified via email.
  • If the buyer is interested in the equipment, we’ll connect them with the seller.
  • If the equipment you need is hard for us to find, we will connect you with one of our vendor partners.

3. Get Your Equipment Financed

Purchase it before anyone else makes an offer. Unlike lenders who only work with new equipment or registered vendors, we'll help you finance used equipment and private party transactions.

We can provide you with more options for buying equipment or selling.

For the buyers, our consultants are ready to craft the perfect payment plan just for you. Once the paperwork is finalized, we will pay the seller and you can get to work.

Work with a Friendly Equipment Finance Partner That Helps Get Results

I can't stress how important it is to move quickly on a deal while it's still available. I've talked to plenty of people who either sold equipment before it was even listed for sale or couldn't get financing in time to buy it. It seems like commercial equipment is moving faster than ever.

The sooner you get in touch with an expert financing consultant, the quicker you can react to the rising demand for used equipment.

To speak to a financing consultant about your unique equipment needs, visit

If you'd like to learn more about how Beacon Funding's network of equipment buyers and sellers can help your business, contact me directly at 800.866.6396

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Jon Flagg

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Jon is a high-profile Senior Financing Consultant with a professional track record of providing efficient equipment financing for small business owners.