Friendly and Convenient Equipment Financing (What Customers Are Saying About Beacon Funding’s Easy Application)

By Calvin Ip| May 26, 2021| 2198 Views

This video features business owners who worked with Beacon Funding to finance multiple pieces of equipment. Listed in order of appearance: Allan Benien (Brett’s Towing and Repair), Billy Spencer (Koalaty Screen Printing & Embroidery), and Bryan Huber (Icon Screening) 

Customer Support That Makes Applying Easy

Business owners nationwide are raving about how Beacon Funding’s easy and convenient application process helped them finance their equipment effortlessly. Talk to our consultants today and see how you can find a financing program that helps you get the results you need and effectively grow your business.

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Apply for financing:

Experts on Guiding You Through the Process

Acquiring the funds to get equipment doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a dedicated staff and team there for you, Beacon Funding strives to help customers with an application that is quick and easy.

Customers are impressed with Beacon’s dedicated team that guide them through the equipment financing process.

"The process with them was flawless," Allan Benien, Owner of Brett's Towing & Repair. "There was nothing hidden, everything was right upfront, the paperwork flowed really well. And they were even able to point us in the right direction as far as where to look for equipment as well."

Beacon’s team understands your time is valuable. That’s why when you call or live chat with us, you’ll receive personalized guidance to get quick answers, allowing you to spend more time growing, and less time waiting.

Financing Your Equipment In 6 Simple Steps

For over thirty years, Beacon’s dedicated financing consultants have become experts on changing the way business owners apply for financing – making the process seamless and easy.

“Beacon made it easy for me to do business, to grow my business, we were able to purchase equipment when we needed it how we needed it,” said Billy Spencer, President of Koalaty Screen Printing & Embroidery. “They made it very easy for me to lease my equipment.”

They take the time to explain every step of the way, so you know the details ahead of time. These steps include:

  1. Quick and Easy Application
  2. Discussing Your Business Goals
  3. Submitting Your Credit Package for Approval
  4. Approval Letter
  5. Quick & Easy Documentation
  6. Accepting and Using Your Equipment

Your dedicated financing consultant is there to help you through every step of your journey to acquiring new equipment.

Knowledgeable Financing Consultants to Support Your Goals

After you apply, your financing consultant is there to put your needs first and work tirelessly to help you get the equipment financing you need.

“The process was really smooth. After the initial verification of your financials, it’s pretty easy to pick up the phone and talk to your rep at Beacon,” said Bryan Huber, President of Icon Screening. “They send over the paperwork for your next piece of equipment, and you sign off on it and funding’s available.”

DocuSign helps you enter information quickly for a fast, paperless credit approval process.

How To Get Started On Your Equipment Financing Journey

Are you ready to get financing that makes a difference to your business? Our team of dedicated financing consultants is waiting to help you, like the tens of thousands of other businesses they have helped nationwide.

If you need answers to grow your business, schedule a call today! Your rep has a wealth of knowledge to identify the right deal for your business’s unique situation.

Contact us today and experience firsthand how our equipment financing programs can drive results for you. Get started at

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