How Can Flexible Financing Help Expand Your Business With An Equipment Upgrade Program?

By Aaron Rustebakke| Apr 27, 2021| 3002 Views

This video was made by Aaron Rustebakke, who owned and operated his own business for 8 years before moving into equipment financing in 2019. As a Sales Supervisor at Beacon Funding, Aaron works with businesses to help define their goals and craft the right flexible financing plans to meet their needs.

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Thanks for joining me for the final installment of this series on how flexible financing can help you achieve your business goals. If you’re interested in more tips just like this one, check out my previous video on “How can flexible financing prevent stretching my business too thin before getting new equipment up and running?

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Equipment Upgrade Programs Aid Business Growth and Expansion

Looking to add equipment but worried about the long-term lock in? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Needing the flexibility to upgrade equipment before your term is over is a common concern for many businesses. That’s why Beacon Funding created flexible financing programs to allow you to do just that. 

This entry in our Flexible Financing Series explores how your business can upgrade your equipment, even after you’ve already started a lease, with our Equipment Upgrade Program.

How Does an Equipment Upgrade Program Work?

Beacon Funding’s Equipment Upgrade Program gives you the versatility to react to market changes and grow into more powerful equipment.

Let’s break down how it works with an example:

The Problem: Let's say your business is currently financing a piece of equipment. You’re only part way through your term but business has been booming! You want to take advantage of this period of growth and upgrade your current piece of equipment to meet demand, but you don't want two monthly payments.

The Solution: The Equipment Upgrade Program would allow you to trade in that current piece of equipment, upgrade and finance a new piece of equipment of greater or equal value.

For instance- you made 24 out of 48 payments of $1,500. On month 24, you take advantage of the equipment upgrade program by trading in your current piece of equipment for something better. By doing so, you end the original transaction on the 24th month and take on a new contract for let's say $1700 payments for 54 months.

The Benefit: The plan allows you to bypass any remaining financing charges on your current transaction so that you can start a new contract for that bigger, better piece of equipment. You receive instant benefits from the time the program is approved. From the time and money, you’ve saved, to the upgraded infrastructure.  

It’s the perfect advantage for a growing business, if you ask me!

Knowledgeable and Friendly Financing

Your business deserves a financing partner that understands your business goals and works with you to try to achieve them. At Beacon Funding, we write hundreds of upgrades annually for our customers because we understand your need to be able to expand and grow. To see if an Equipment Upgrade program is right for your business, schedule a call with a financing specialist at:

We talked about a variety of flexible financing options and how they can benefit your business throughout this series. No matter what your goals might be, your financing consultant can guide you towards success during your discovery call.

Aaron Rustebakke

Aaron Rustebakke

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As a Sales Supervisor at Beacon Funding, Aaron works with businesses to help define their goals and craft the right flexible financing plans to meet their needs.