Slow Down Move Over 2022

A tow operator is killed every six days in a roadside accident. Here’s how you can help.

By Aaron Rustebakke| Oct 19, 2022| 1961 Views

According to a national poll by Mason Dixon Polling and Research, 71% of Americans are unaware of move over laws existing in all 50 states.

Sadly, a roadside accident kills a tow operator every six days. Most of these accidents could have been prevented if motorists had reduced their driving speed and changed lanes safely.

Table of Contents

  1. How You Can Prevent Roadside Accidents
  2. Why Slow Down Move Over Laws Matter to Tow Truck Operators
  3. Tips on Safe Driving

How You Can Prevent Roadside Accidents

Beacon Funding is celebrating National Slow Down Move Over Day by spreading awareness of what we can do as responsible drivers to keep our highways safe.

Remember to slow down when you see a vehicle flashing its emergency lights.

Why Slow Down Move Over Laws Matter to Tow Truck Operators

Tow operators are some of the hardest working people in the country. They put themselves in harm's way to protect our highways and keep them safe.

When we see a tow operator with their emergency lights on:

  1. Slow down. Reduce your vehicle’s to a reasonable driving speed.
  2. Move over. Carefully switch lanes in the opposite direction of the tow truck operator.
  3. Remain alert. Watch out for other emergency vehicles like an ambulance or police officer car.

Tips on Safe Driving

It's never too late to adopt safe driving habits.

This National Slow Down Move Over Day is perfect to review safe driving tips. Let’s take a moment this month to think how we can protect roadside tow operators and keep the roads safe for everyone. Some tips:

  1. Never drive distracted.
  2. Don't text or talk on the phone when driving.
  3. Keep an eye for emergency vehicles, like tow trucks, utility service vehicles, or disabled vehicles on the side of the road.
  4. When approaching an emergency vehicle with flashing lights, slow down and approach with caution. Then carefully switch lanes.

Let's encourage other motorists to share the road responsibly with emergency responders, like tow operators.

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