How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Forestry Bucket Truck?

Prices for forestry bucket trucks can differ dramatically. This is due to several reasons.

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Forestry Bucket Truck?

A forest bucket truck is a specially designed truck for taking care of trees. These trees can be anywhere in the forest, on roads, and in another open-air environment. It consists of a truck chassis and aerial lift attached to a bucket. This is for the forest crew and arboriculturists (tree surgeons) to reach the higher branches.

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  1. Common Tasks for Forestry Bucket Trucks
  2. Price Ranges of Forestry Bucket Trucks
  3. Factors Affecting the Price of a Forestry Bucket Truck
  4. The Bottom Line

Common tasks for forestry bucket trucks

  • Trimming and cutting off trees
  • Removing dead, diseased, or unsafe trees
  • Clearing vegetation near power lines
  • Planting new trees (with the bucket acting as a platform)

Price Ranges of Forestry Bucket Trucks

Prices for forestry bucket trucks can differ dramatically. This is due to several reasons. Here's a breakdown to give you a better idea:

New vs. Used

The condition of the forestry bucket truck alone is considered the biggest cost driver.

The expected starting price range of a new truck is $150,000 to $300.000 or even higher. It highly depends on the modifications. On the other hand, used trucks are available at a reasonable price. They typically range around $50,000 to $150,000. Condition, age, and features all play a key role in deciding the final price of a forestry bucket truck.

Breakdown of Cost Components:

When you are considering price, it is necessary to understand the individual factors that contribute to the overall cost.

  • Base Truck Chassis: The truck itself represents a major expense. Price is affected by brand, model, engine power, and options like 4WD.
  • Aerial Lift (Boom and Bucket): This is the main component in the price of a forestry bucket truck. Boom reach is basically the working height of the truck. The capacity and weight limit of the bucket are also crucial. Higher booms can reach higher branches and with a larger bucket capacity, more work can be done.
  • Additional features: There are some optional features like chipper boxes, grapple hooks, and winch systems, which add to the cost of the truck
  • Geographic location: When selling or purchasing a forestry bucket truck, location matters. There are some places where the availability of these trucks is low so the prices are high. That can also include transportation costs or taxes.
  • Certifications and well-maintained service: Certificates and well-maintained service records for used trucks can influence the price of a used truck.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Forestry Bucket Truck

There are several factors that impact the price of a forestry bucket truck. It may influence your budget and final decision to purchase.

Here, you can get a detailed breakdown.

Truck Specifications

Year, Make, and Model

More expensive models from well-known names will usually cost more than those from smaller manufacturers or older models. This is a reflection of improvements in construction quality, safety measures, and technology.

Engine Power & Drivetrain

The truck's performance is strongly impacted by the size and horsepower of its engine, especially when navigating and towing large objects. Larger engines and features like four-wheel drive (4WD), which provide more power and stability on rough terrain, could be expected to cost more.

Truck Bed and Storage: It may not be the main focus but the presence of a chip box or extra storage compartments can impact the overall cost of the truck.

Aerial Lift Specifications

Boom Reach

Boom Reach is the working height of the forestry bucket truck. It is considered a critical factor because it decides the maximum height workers and forest staff can reach. If a boom is higher and can reach greater heights, then it can be expensive. Usually, longer beams are required for forest work, so it is best to consider your work type. It will influence your budget, so make a wise choice when buying a forestry bucket truck.

Bucket Capacity

Another important factor is the weight limit of the bucket. If you have to work with heavy branches or tools, buckets of higher capacity will be a requirement. A bucket with more capacity can be expensive.

Outriggers and Stabilization

Outriggers play a part in an extendable support system. They not only enhances the stability of the extended boom but is essential for safety purposes. Mostly, they come as a standard on forestry bucket trucks but there is no doubt that this feature can affect the overall price.

Additional Considerations

Condition: As mentioned earlier, the difference between new and old heavily influence the cost of price. New trucks are much more expensive than used ones. Old trucks are available at a reasonable price, but you need to make sure they work properly. The quality of used trucks is not guaranteed. If you plan to invest in those, make sure you get a good deal.

Location: Geographic locations can impact the pricing because of availability options and transportation costs. There can be a difference in the price of the same model truck, depending on the area you live. If forestry bucket trucks are rare to find in your region, it means they are expensive, and not everyone can buy them. Fewer buyers mean there is not much demand for these trucks. Things work on demand and supply mechanisms.

The Bottom Line

Forestry bucket trucks are a powerful asset for any tree care professional. They increase efficiency, expand service offerings, and prioritize crew safety. However, the significant upfront cost can be a hurdle.

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