Customers Rave About Beacon Funding’s Friendly and Dedicated Staff (Only A Phone Call Away)

By Daniel Nubie| Apr 28, 2021| 3745 Views

This video features business owners who worked with Beacon Funding to finance multiple pieces of equipment. Listed in order of appearance: Kippie Hartcraft (Lone Star Awards and Graphics), Blake Pounds (Pounds Towing), and Charlene and Tommy Endsley (Charlene’s Waste Services, LLC.).

Fast and Friendly Dedicated Service Only One Call Away

Tens of thousands of happy customers nationwide are raving about their experience with Beacon Funding. The common factor? A dedicated consultant who went the extra mile for their business.

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Evaluating the Best Equipment Financing Company for Your Business

Business owners today are hesitant about trying new services. And who can blame them? When financing equipment, you are committing to a lender for a multi-year period.

Get to know us and we’ll show you how we can get your business moving forward in the right direction.

A Financing Consultant That Has Your Back

What makes Beacon different from other lenders out there today? Customers continue to rave about the great experience they have working with Beacon’s best-in-class equipment financing consultants. “Beacon Funding made it easy to actually get the truck I wanted regardless of how old it was. It’s really about having someone there that’s dedicated to finding you a truck, so you can do better,” says Blake Pounds, Owner of Pounds Towing.

Beacon’s financing consultants want to see you succeed. To really help your business achieve your goals, our financing consultants continue to stay in touch with you throughout your financing transaction just in case you need any additional support.

What You Gain as A Customer

As an equipment financing expert, your financing consultant sets you up for success from the get-go. “They do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, and they walk you through the process,” says Tommy Ensley, Owner of Charlene’s Waste Services. “Hands down, best around.”

What is a financing consultant’s role for your company?

  • Friendly representative that is willing to help when you need quick answers.
  • Knowledgeable equipment expert that provides you the right deal for your business.
  • Easy-to-get-ahold-of financing consultant that knows you and your business.

With a dedicated staff, you can expect Beacon to go above and beyond to help you get quality equipment financing.

What Your Financing Consultant Brings To The Table

At Beacon Funding, your dedicated consultant is more than a trusted partner in equipment financing; they become an important part of your business.

You devote your effort to running your business. With Beacon Funding, you receive a supportive team member that offers you quality equipment financing, quick turnaround times, and an affordable monthly payment.

“Beacon has allowed our business to grow at a really pretty phenomenal pace since we’ve first opened. It has provided us the ability to get in the equipment that we need to stay at the cutting edge in the decorated apparel industry,” says Kippie Hartcraft, Owner of Lone Star Awards and Graphics.

And because Beacon Funding’s financing consultant is an expert in your industry, it is easier for your business to obtain the equipment financing it needs, even in challenging situations.

We Form Long-Standing Professional Relationships

Beacon’s financing consultants are dedicated to learning the ins and out of your business. They are there to learn about your unique goals and help you achieve them. 

Your partnership with Beacon does not end when you fund your equipment financing transaction. Even after you take possession of your equipment, Beacon's financing consultants are there for you they aim to stay in touch and provide your business professional and ongoing equipment financing support it needs to continue growing.

Easy to get ahold of

Need a quick answer? Your dedicated financing consultant is always easy to reach.

“Again it’s a phone call away to get the equipment we need to move our business forward,” says Kippie Hartcraft, Owner of Lone Star Awards and Graphics. “And I would highly recommend Beacon to anyone who is in a start-up phase or even in an advanced stage of production and needing new equipment.”

At Beacon Funding, you always talk with a real person because you need real answers. Our reps are available to help answer your questions over the phone, email, webchat, or even instant messaging on social media.

Ready to Experience Quality Equipment Financing?

See firsthand how Beacon Funding’s financing consultant can provide you with friendly and dedicated service to help grow your business. They’re there to help support you.

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