The Best Way To Get A Boom Truck In 2023

Find Out How to Maximize Your Fleet’s Growth Through Financing Solutions

By Tom Rahlfs, CLFP| Feb 21, 2023| 976 Views
The Best Way To Get A Boom Truck In 2023

Expanding your fleet in 2023 can be done without burdening your finances.

As cities become more populated and demand for goods and services continues to rise, there is an opportunity for boom truck business owners to improve their operations. However, the challenge of achieving this growth lies in affording boom trucks you need to meet demand.

Good news: you can finance your next boom truck with a financing option that works for your business. Your fleet will be able to grow without paying for your boom truck upfront.

This article will explore an effective solution to add a boom truck. With financing, you can grow your fleet with ease.

In this article…

  1. Reach New Heights with Boom Truck Financing
  2. Advantages of Financing Your Next Boom Truck
  3. Calculate Your Affordable Boom Truck Payment
  4. Apply for Boom Truck Financing Now

Reach New Heights with Boom Truck Financing

There may be more benefits to getting your equipment sooner than saving up. Financing can save time and help you afford a boom truck as soon as today! With financing, you can spread the cost of your boom truck over time and match payments with your cash flow.

What are some challenges?

The Main Challenge: Find a lender who can approve your loan and match payments to your business goals.

Banks and traditional lenders may have strict lending requirements and may not understand your industry.

Fortunately, flexible lenders like Beacon Funding understand your equipment and help you qualify for a monthly payment that matches your business revenue.

Advantages of Boom Truck Financing

Discover the numerous benefits of financing for your boom truck purchase:

  1. Spread Out Your Equipment Cost. Boom trucks can be expensive. Easily spread your purchase over time with a financing plan that fits your budget.
  2. Flexible Payment Options and Specials. Pay according to your revenue cycle and take advantage of financing options tailored to your company's needs. Subscribe to be the first to know about our financing specials today.
  3. Obtain the Industry’s Latest Boom Truck. You can afford to give your fleet a competitive edge by adding the newest and best equipment.
  4. Get Your Equipment Fast. Apply in just a few minutes and receive an approval within 24 hours.
  5. Earn as You Finance. Put your new truck to work, then use those funds to make payments.
  6. Preserve Cash Flow. Protect your cash reserves for unexpected expenses, incidentals, and payroll.

Achieve Equipment Ownership. Beacon’s Lease-to-Own and Equipment Financing program offers the opportunity to own your equipment at the end of your financing term.

Calculate Your Affordable Boom Truck Payment

Affordability is a crucial factor to consider when you finance your next boom truck. Lucky for you, we have a way to make things easier- The Beacon Funding Mobile App.

Our app comes with a FREE Equipment Financing Calculator that can help you estimate how affordable your monthly financing payment can be.  Each calculation is delivered in real-time, so it is available wherever you are, even on the go.

Key Features of Beacon Funding’s Mobile App Calculators

  • Learn how affordable your low monthly payment can be.
  • Estimate how much you can save on your next tax return by financing your boom truck.
  • Determine how much monthly revenue your business needs to break even on your monthly payment.


How Do You Evaluate a Suitable Tow Truck Financing Lender?

Finding the right lender is just as important as hiring a new boom truck operator. They should understand your industry and how your business operates.

When evaluating the right financing lender, ask the following questions:

Does the lender have boom truck financing expertise?

Working with a lender who understands your industry is essential. They will be able to talk to you in a way that makes sense. Beacon Funding has been lending money for equipment for over 30 years.

What is the lender’s reputation?

When you sign a boom truck financing agreement, you enter into a long-term agreement with your funding partner. Check out their testimonials and reviews to understand their customer experience.

How do you get approved for tow truck financing?

Knowing what the lender looks for when deciding if you can get a loan is important. Beacon Funding offers programs to help you finance or lease a boom truck. These programs are made to fit your business. Most companies will qualify for affordable boom truck financing thanks to our flexible credit approval process.

As an equipment financing expert, Beacon Funding can help:

  • Finance New & Used Trucks. If the equipment is in good condition and being sold at a fair price, there’s a good chance that Beacon Funding can help you finance it.
  • Helping Startups. We can help more new businesses get approved by considering other factors.
  • Building Credit. Working with Beacon Funding can improve your business credit, making it easier to get another boom truck later.
  • Quick 24-Hour Approval. Apply online or by phone. If approved, you can finish the paperwork quickly by signing it electronically.

Apply for Boom Truck Financing

Getting started at Beacon Funding is easy. All it takes is a 5-minute application, and you could be approved within 24 hours. Our application process is simple, easy, and fast, designed to make equipment financing accessible to boom truck businesses of every size.


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